CakeSmash Birthday Fun

A cakesmash is a great way to celebrate your babies upcoming first birthday. 

Cakesmash sessions are best held when your baby is 10 – 11 months old. This gives me enough time to get your digital photos completed and you can then use them to create your first birthday invitations! 

The cakesmash is a fun session! We do a mini portrait sitting first, then put baby into his/her set up and place the cake in from top them. The fun begins…. some babies love the cake and some are a little shy of it, but either way we capture some beautiful photos of your gorgeous little one. 

After the cake smash, and a quick clean up, we provide a warm bubble bath in a mini classic claw-foot bath. Most babies absolutely love this part of the photo session and again, we capture all the fun for you. 

The entire session lasts approximately one hour, and baby gets to go home, home and cosy and restful after his/her bath.